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Aggressive Representation Makes The Difference

EV Häs, LLC is a different type of foreclosure firm. Unlike most firms, we do not advocate bankruptcy as a foreclosure option. Instead, we attack the opposition with substantive pleadings that have real merit. We are not just buying time; we are working to win for you.

As some of the most innovative legal minds in the field of foreclosure defense and debtors’ law in Illinois, we take on cases that other attorneys cannot resolve. We consider foreclosure defense options and solutions that many attorneys do not understand.

A large portion of our clients are people who have visited or hired multiple attorneys who either refused the case or could not help them. In the most unfortunate cases, some lawyers made the situation worse. When we take a case, we are typically able to save a client’s home and do what many consider impossible. While our primary goal is to save your home, we address all possibilities and will also provide an exit plan.

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