Strategic Foreclosure Defense Attorneys

The attorneys at EV Has, LLC treat each client as an individual and not as a case number. Our law firm uses an innovative approach to client interaction, but with the quality of a traditional firm. We believe families and individuals are too often taken advantage of by banks and credit card companies. You need to be protected and informed of your rights regarding foreclosure and credit card debt. We utilize multiple defense strategies to keep families in their homes and fight credit card companies without resorting to bankruptcy.

Our lawyers are licensed to practice in Illinois, New York and Washington, D.C. We have handled cases in the areas of foreclosure defense, debt negotiation, loan modifications, and general commercial and debtor defense litigation.

5 Things that make us different from other attorneys:

  1. Totally Dedicated to Foreclosure Defense.
  2. Extremely Aggressive Client Representation against the Banks.
  3. We have identified the necessary DNA to unlock and we are actively litigating to overturn MERS v Barnes and other bad Illinois foreclosure case law.
  4. Primary Firm Objectives and approach to every case is to seek to extinguish the mortgage. Although this is extremely difficult and rarely happens because of existing bad case law and resistant courts, it is the mindset from which we approach every case.
  5. No Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an option of last resort with inherent benefits, but it will not save your home and is a defective strategy if used as a foreclosure defense strategy.

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Meet Our Team

Damon Ritenhouse

Partner - Foreclosure Litigation

Meet our foreclosure litigation manager, Damon Ritenhouse, a legal leader when it comes to defending your property rights in court.

Carl Dreyer

Associate Attorney - Business & Mortgage Litigation

Carl Dreyer makes a personal connection to all his business and homeowner clients – he knows where you’re coming from and is here to help!
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