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EV Häs, LLC is a different type of foreclosure firm. Unlike most firms, we do not advocate bankruptcy as a foreclosure option. Instead, we attack the opposition with substantive pleadings that have real merit. We are not just buying time; we are working to win for you.

As some of the most innovative legal minds in the field of foreclosure defense and debtors’ law in Illinois, we take on cases that other attorneys cannot resolve. We consider foreclosure defense options and solutions that many attorneys do not understand.

A large portion of our clients are people who have visited or hired multiple attorneys who either refused the case or could not help them. In the most unfortunate cases, some lawyers made the situation worse. When we take a case, we are typically able to save a client’s home and do what many consider impossible. While our primary goal is to save your home, we address all possibilities and will also provide an exit plan.

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EV Häs, LLC Foreclosure Timeline

  • With EV Häs, LLC
  • 1-4Months


  • 4-5Months

    Foreclosure Complaint is Filed

  • 8-12Months

    Notice of Motion for Default

  • 12-36Months

    Rigorous Foreclosure Defense

  • 24-48Months

    Facing Judges, Banks, and Bank Attorneys

  • 24-48Months

    Special Right to Redeem

  • 36-48Months

    Eviction by Sheriff

  • 48+Months

    Zombie Titles & Defending the Tenant

  • Without EV Häs, LLC
  • 1-3Months

    Notice of Default

  • 3-5Months

    Reinstatement Period

  • 5-6Months

    Default Judgment

  • 7-8Months

    Sheriff Sale

  • 8-10Months

    Confirmation of Sale, Deficiency, and Order of Possession

  • 10-11Months

    Special Right to Redeem & Eviction/Sheriff shows up

EV Häs, LLC Foreclosure Timeline

Legal Services

How to Stop Foreclosure

Many people, including lawyers, believe that the only defense to foreclosure is declaring bankruptcy. EV Häs LLC employs a series of legal strategies to defend borrowers against overreaching and relentless lenders who are threatening to use or have already instituted foreclosure actions.

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Asset protection is a crucial and fundamental step for every business. It is important to enlist the help of a lawyer to lay out a unique plan and devise appropriate strategies that help protect your commercial assets. Business owners should consult EV Häs LLC who can work with them to develop solutions and implement a plan to safeguard their resources.

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In order to ensure the well-being of its citizens, Cook County requires that all building owners follow specific guidelines and adhere to building codes. In the event of a violation of one of the specifics listed in the Municipal Code of Cook County, the County may impose costly fines on the owner of the property.

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Consumers face difficult financial situations when mounting debt arises that EV Häs is prepared to handle. We can protect your rights in situations where debt collectors have violated the FDCPA laws when in comes to debt collection. A recent Seventh Circuit opinion held that "A debt collector should not be able to avoid liability for unlawful debt collection practices simply by contracting with another company to do what the law does not allow it to do directly".

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Purchasing or selling your home is a complex contractual procedure, entailing an increasing amount of legal, title, and administrative paperwork. The process requires a good working knowledge of real estate laws and contracts in order to make sure the purchase goes through without error and that all parties are aware of their rights and responsibilities. This is why EV Häs is the firm to handle your real estate closings as we are up to date on the latest real estate laws and requirements and will work on your behalf until the deed is signed.

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We are Passionate About Helping Clients Achieve Their Goals

  • - Daniel P -
    Although the bank has put a capital S in stress in my life when it comes to threats to foreclose, [EV Häs] has been the light at the end of the tunnel by slowing it down at this point. We are still early in the case, but the bank made an offer after a short time with their intervention. [While] the offer was…the banks feeble attempt to pacify me, it was an offer nonetheless. Then bank wasn’t trying at all until I retained [EV Häs]. While we still have work to do because we are seeking a fair deal, I feel like I made the right choice.
    - Daniel P -
  • - Sid S -
    When facing my first foreclosure I was in serious need of legal advice. EV Häs were outstanding in helping me. I highly recommend using EV Law Group. I can’t thank them enough. They are worth every penny. Best firm in Chicago.
    - Sid S -
  • - Imad J -
    EV Häs handled our multi-million dollar, complicated foreclosure deal very professionally. They are knowledgeable in his field, courteous, and friendly. I highly recommend them.
    - Imad J -
  • - Effie R -
    EV Law Group helped me with my foreclosure…. they were more knowledgeable than any other law firm I contacted on this subject….reasonably priced help from friendly lawyers who are willing to speak to you about all your concerns anytime….I have and will continue to recommend this firm to anyone going through a foreclosure. I found them to be extremely knowledgeable and professional and feel like I am in very capable hands. He was wonderful about answering any questions or concerns I had. Faisal is the first person I had contact with when contacting EV Law for my foreclosure….a very knowledgeable and capable man….I felt comfortable with him immediately…..he has a passion for the law and it shows!
    - Effie R -
  • - Marisa M -
    I was very impressed when i met this group, all of them are very intelligent, all of them were very compassionate, and very willing to help. I would recommend EV Law group to anyone in need of help!
    - Marisa M -
  • - Blake H -
    EV Law Group assisted us in staying in our home for a longer period of time than the Bank would allow. I feel grateful to this Law firm for their assistance with the foreclosure process we are experiencing. EV Law Group answered all our questions completely and explained the law to us in simple direct terms. I am grateful for EV Law Group’s attention to detail and their extreme patients with leading us through this difficult journey that we are experiencing. My wife and I feel blessed to have EV Law Group as our new friends, I feel as if I am part of their family and know that when things get difficult EV Law Group will support us without question.
    - Blake H -
  • - Christine L -
    If you need help, then EV Law Group is the right place! Not only is their entire staff friendly, knowledgeable and understanding, but they are also responsive and proactive! They will listen to your needs and formulate a plan that will best work with your scenario, make sure you are well informed and then take it from there. If there is such a thing as peace of mind when having to deal with attorneys and courts, you will find it with this great group of professionals. They came highly recommended through a mutual business partner and I have not been let down! Fair and reasonable!
    - Christine L -
  • - Ulysse L -
    M. Faisal Elkhatib is a very committed lawyer who will supply great service. When it comes down to a case he is very focused on the goals he wants to accomplish for his clients. He has shown me that he loves his profession and is willing to go above and beyond to achieving his goals. Faisal is very cooperative and is willing to give that support whenever needed. I highly recommend him to family and friends if ever in need of a lawyer. I am very happy that a friend recommended EV Law Group to me. I have been working with this team for a while now and I use the word team very enthusiastically. The reason I say this is because when working with M. Faisal Elkhatib he is willing to pull his team in to ask for suggestion or help on a case. It really shows me that this company is putting forth great effort into the cases for their clients.
    - Ulysse L -
  • - Dan G -
    I switched from a Chicago foreclosure defense law firm to EV Law Group. I hope to take ownership of my home outright for the unscrupulous actions of my lender without a mortgage to pay. I further believe that they specialize in foreclosure defense and the piece of mind I get just by knowing they are handling my case. If you are facing a would be making the right decision to engage EV law Group. They understand Illinois law and know how to use it to help you out of your difficult position. I will say it again, they know the law and how to protect your rights.
    - Dan G -
  • - Judy V -
    EV Law Group, Chicago, Il and their legal team are outstanding attorney firm to work with and they definitely know how to get to the finish line of getting the job done. I would highly recommend the attorneys working at EV Law Group, Chicago, Il for any services pertaining to legal issues.
    - Judy V -
  • - Jay -
    Very strong and knowledgeable law group, I would trust them with anything.
    - Jay -

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